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Once upon a time, there was a [buck/doe]. This [buck/doe] was happy, it had a family and a warm shelter. One day, [he/she] sets out to find food for it's family. The [buck/doe]'s family eagerly waits for its return. Will [he/she] find its way home?


Once upon a Time is a short, story-driven adventure game set in an peaceful forest. You play as a randomly selected female or male deer who is deseperate to find food for it's family and return home. In the game, you can move, pause and read and follow the story as you walk through the forest. I have tried to make Once upon a Time as beautiful as possible through ambient sounds and piano music along with incredible pixel art. Let me know if you have any feedback you want to share with me in the comment section below. Please don't forget to rate the game too, it helps me greatly! Enjoy the game! :D


LEFT - move left
RIGHT - move right
SHIFT - sprint (when prompted)
Z - select
P - pause
F - toggle fullscreen
M - toggle music


Incredible pixel art by Ansimuz and Calciumtrice

Outstanding Piano music by Kiomoh

Amazing ambient provided by PureRelaxTV

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Thought it was a decent story.  Not much in the sense of an actual game, but, more of a social point wrapped in the personification of a female deer.    I understood your concern within the premise, but disagreed with the execution.  Dont let this dissuade you from the fact that the level design and overall atmosphere provided with the coupled music was, no doubt, exactly what you were aiming for. Bravo!

Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Hey!! I loved the game. Definitely very, very beautiful. I got both the endings, and I tried to get a third ending (by leading the predator to the family), but it would only give me either of the two endings. I would love if you added the third option in.  Overall, 10/10 for art and 8/10 for interactive story

Hey! Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yeah, a third ending would have been great, wish I would have thought of that when making the game, I might add a third ending sometime in the future :D

Good vibes. The pixel style seamlessly meshes with the soothing audio throughout the game. Constantly I had a very positive attitude and the game ultimately makes you feel good. It has a simple message with simple gameplay, and I love it. It's nice to take things slow and just have a walking simulator/ side-scroller for a change. I thought both endings were very natural. I really enjoyed my time with this game and I know everyone else will too. Keep on developing simple games like this one, the indie community needs more projects like this and more people like you. Well done!


Wow thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Loved the video as well, thanks for your support :)